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Welcome to ofbizextra.

What is ofbizextra?

ofbizextra is a community that creates and shares optional addons or plugin for Apache OFBiz. 

ofbizextra try to help Apache OFBiz community by publishing some documentation :

What is an addon?

An addon is an extension or piece of code that provides extra functionality that you can install on top of your existing OFBiz instance.

What is the goal of ofbizextra?

The goal of ofbizextra is to:

  • allow OFBiz users free access to any existing addons
  • encourage contributors to develop new addons for Apache OFBiz
  • provide a repository where any addons can be stored and made available to users

On this website you will find details about:

  • What addons are currently available and what they do
  • The process and tools required to install an addon
  • How to manage an addon with your OFBiz instance
  • Advice and best practice for developing a new addon

What are the benefits of using an OFBiz addon?

There are several benefits for using addons for OFBiz:

  • You can use features that you need to run your business that may not yet be available in the base OFBiz releases.
  • You can use an addon that has already been developed and tested rather than developing your own from scratch